I'm still not sure what just happened. Where do I stand now and where do I take things from here?

So this girl and I had been hanging out for the last couple of weeks just to 'see where things go'. After going skating together, getting dinner twice and seeing a hockey game in the last 2 weeks we went to a bar together last night. I walked her home arms wrapped tight around each other, we had a long talk about a mutual friend of ours who had been going through some serious issues and she brought up how this upset her because he'd been one of the 3 people who talked to her while she was on internship over 1000 miles away.

Her best friend Kate had been another, and I'd been the 3rd. She admitted then that spending 8 months overseas and only hearing from us had been almost heartbreaking, it really showed her who her real friends are and we were in her opinion her best friends now. Which I found an ironic statement because when we got to her door 10 minutes later we had a rather large kiss before she invited me in.

We made out, cuddled, but both of us didn't want to push things by having sex yet. She asked what I was looking for and I told her I wasn't sure, I liked her a lot, found her attractive, wanted to keep spending time with her... but also didn't want to be just another friend. I'm graduating in 4 months so a real relationship might not be possible though.

She told me she felt the same way about a lot of things, and as far as relationships went she admitted she had never really understood them. She says she still is terrified of being in one and doesn't want to lead me on... but also admitted she is getting more and more curious about it and is wondering if there's maybe something she's missing there.

I left the next morning, we watched football today, and we agreed to meet up at the very least this next weekend for a museum exhibit I have tickets to (and probably go skating again before as well). Where do I stand with this girl?


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  • In my opinion you're in a good spot. But at the same time it might be a tricky situation. With you graduating in 4 months, do you know what you're going to be doing after graduation? Would it be impossible for her to be in the picture (i.e. you working close to where she is)?

    I say just keep on going with the flow. Things seem to be progressing well, she seems to be warming up about the idea of a relationship, and worst case scenario you can still make the most out of the time you have left together.

    • No it wouldn't be impossible, I'm working part time at a research facility, they said they would take me on full time once I graduated so while I might have to move within the city I could still be close

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  • I think she is just trying things out because she is interested and even tho your about to graduate it dosnt mean she dosnt have feeling for you..

  • Seems like its only going to end up as friends or maybe friends with benefits.


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