What is the line between being enthusiastic and looking needy and desperate?

When you first start dating someone how do you show them that you really like them, without blurring the fine line of looking needy and desperate...

How can you show them that you are keen without looking TOO keen?

Do you have experience with this? Advice?


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  • My experience... and most guys are going to give me a down vote:

    1. Wait for him to ask for your phone number.

    2. Wait for him to call you even though he gave you his number as well.

    3. Smile and flirt with him so that he can gather the courage to ask you out. If he doesn't ask you out there are other guys you can smile and flirt with.

    4. Surround yourself with people who cherish and value your company. Being alone is not healthy for you and makes you vulture fodder to creeps and a**holes who feed off weaklings (married men, players etc).

    5. Have a different hobby that is not boyfriend hunting.

    6. Make it clear to him that although you respect him and enjoy his company you value yourself more than you value him. So dates are made when you have time... you don't cancel your friends night out or your hobby for him but you allot him a different time.

    7. be playful and don't expect things.

    • I don't think that's a bad list, except for the contacting part. It doesn't hurt to have some give and take as to phoning or texting each other.

    • I have nothing against give and take but I do think its necessary that the guy takes the first initiative to call or ask on a date.

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  • Don't constantly text or call them. Arrange hangouts a few times a week and don't ask for too much.

    • whats constantly? I have a guy that only text maybe once a day if I am lucky we usually talk to one another on the days we plan to hang out.

  • If your dating a guy and you looking desperate is an issue, you may be dating the wrong guy. Every guy I know loves a girl who wants to take the reigns and start a relationship.


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