Am I over reacting or not?

i have been talking to this guy for at least 6 months and he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. we have a great relationship never had hige fights, he funny considerate, pays attention to the little details, he just as awkward as me, and we never run out of things to say..not to mention our sex is great. he only had one girlfriend when he was in 10th grade and he's now 22. he only slept with 3 girls, and in total had sex 6 times( so twice with each girl) so that right there shows me he's really old fashioned, and takes things steady slow, and he's honest. but I want the title. I Haven't mentioned it because part of me doesn't mind but the other half does... I feel like I'm over reacting but I can't help...guysss?


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  • I don't think you are overreacting. You should become his girlfriend by now. You had sex! and you are really close. Maybe he didn't say it out loud but he considers you his girlfriend? If you are exclusive, been together for six months and had sex I have no idea why you aren't bf-gf?

    I believe you should ask him something like "What am I to you?" with a sweet smile. This is the sneaky approach. Let him talk and talk and whenever he says something reply "What else?" until he says it. :)

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