Hey, if a guy you had friend zoned flirted with you...

Hey, ladies. Question--if a guy you friend zoned (who stupidly hadn't been flirty before you friend zoned him) started just flirting a bunch with you, like opening texts with, "Hey cutie! :D" and such like that, is a friendly--though not flirty back--response a good sign? But then you thought he was trying to be dirty with you, and you got ticked at that point.

Assuming things had been a bit cold after you friend zoned him a month earlier. And before you friend zoned him, you liked him enough to tell him "you're cute and smart and sweet."

So obviously I'm the guy in the example. Do you think I should keep trying to be playfully flirty, when I get the chances, work my way up from there over time? Though I know better than to try to go dirty anytime soon, haha.

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  • You really have to take the girls personality into question here. If she's shy, I wouldn't flirt too much, but if she's someone who is bolder, keep trying it. Just try not to over-do it and you should get to where you want to be soon enough. :)


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