Advice for a single girl who is loving it?

Right now, I'm making a list of things I want to do while I'm single! So far I have, participate in a date auction, go on a blind date, dance with someone I don't know, and ask a cute guy for his number. Any other suggestions? :D Its time for me to finally be flirty and daring!

(I was taken from the time I was 15 until recently. I'm 19 :P)


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  • Flirt shameless with cute boys

    Go and talk to someone you don't think you could ever have a chance with

    Have a NCMO

    Get all dolled up and go out with your girlfriends

    Pick up a new hobby or learn about something that makes you curious

    Bake some cookies or cupcakes for that cutie you've had your eyes on

    Heck, make cookies or cupcakes for yourself

    Treat yourself to a massage or facial

    Go to Victoria's Secret and pick something out that you like, for you, not for some guy

    Make eye contact with a guy in one of your classes periodically throughout class but don't approach him, make him come to you

    Go on a spontaneous road trip

    When you get an urge to do something, do it

    • Thank you! Some great advice! I intend to flirt shamelessly XD I'm hoping to go to a club to do it soon. Less risk of them taking a real interest in me than if I flirt in one of my classes. Oh, and I'm treating myself to belly dancing classes :P And am learning a nerdy new hobby, which I've already poured WAY to much money into. (Magic: The Gathering). :P What is NCMO?

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    • It has me under some sort of enchantment. 0.0 I can't stop buying cards. I have baked them for my ex-boyfriend before. I could see doing that. As long as it was done smoothly.

      And yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I won't be a total skank for one make-out session. But I still don't know if I want to, and if I did, it would be quite awhile. I'm debating if I should even start the flirting yet. It flips back and forth.

    • * and I have

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  • what about friends with benefits ? maybe you can spoil a friend and explore your next moves in society !

    • I think I'll have to pass with that one too. I want to make sure I don't want to go past kissing in the next year. And that would be a crappy friends with benefits thing :P

    • true, then I geuss you have to go out and do slow dances with guys and kiss. or have spin the bottle parties !ahahah friends with benefits can work on kissing too. its benefits plus who knows were it can lead to ! if my friends that are girls would tell me they wanna kiss and that's it cus you just done a 4 year relation, I would gladly help you, hopin you need more, from that you can control wen you step up to touching and kissing and more !

    • A spin the bottle party sounds fun. I was kinda in one once, but I gave hugs because I would feel guilty about kissing anyone. (even though all three of the boys playing were SO cute). Problem is, I don't know where to find one.

  • you just gotta continue like your with your EX but its a new guy, so a one night stand is next hopin it leads to more or just try it ! its gonna be different and new plus you don't know the guys past or willingness, go with the flow .

    • No one night stands :P I don't need to add anymore regrets to my list for awhile XD

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    • go out in other towns then and be a midnite kisser ! ahahaha

    • midnight kisser? Is that a real term?

  • Sit at home and wallow in loneliness, that's a single thing. :P otherwise maybe a one night stand.

    • one night stand for sure! just do it safe ;)

    • XD I'd rather not wallow in loneliness. And I don't think a one night stand is for me either :P

    • well of course safety is key. hmm, no it doesn't strike me as something awesome either.

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