Guys with short text messages?

I'd just like to know why the majority of guys say only a few words in their text messages. For example, the other day because of my best friends lack of word usage I thought he was upset or something so I called him up and he was like nope I'm fine. So why do you guys use so few words?


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  • Here you go sweety:

    1. We don't like talking as much as you.

    2. We're lazy at times.

    3. We know that the less we say, the more likely you are to obsess over it and make you love us even more, even though you'll loudly protest how much you'd like us to talk more.

    4. It makes us mysterious and until you stop loving mystery, we'll keep you guessing with short replies.

    5. :-P

    • What he said.

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    • Nah I don't do that ha ha other girls may but id rather find the meaning myself

    • Okay, so I got five out of six right. I can live with that score.

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  • We latently long for the days when we only had to grunt and fart.

  • Why write an essay when a sentence will suffice. Sometimes a longer text is required. Why I write short texts I am busy, working, rushed, hungry, lazy and bored

    • Ahh but see, id be fine with a few sentences. Id never expect an essay long text unless its from my female best friend.

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    • Haha oh OK. So you guys just didn't move on from the cave man times.

    • Sometimes is nice to go back. Think also personally as a guy I think actions speak louder then words I would much rather help. But if what is indeed for someone to listen or to talk to then I will also do that. It's like most things find the balance.

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  • Many reasons:

    1) Playing hard to get, making you chase.

    2) Just not a texter, I'm not a texter either.

  • it's hard to have deep meaningful conversations via text

    • Well yea I completely agree. I mean I only text them like what's up and all that, I'm not tryin to get a huge 5 page text out of them.