How do I know if my calls are bugging or not?

I usually call my guy once when I get home. And some days I text him once or twice. He never answers texts, but he always answers his phone and usually quick. He never calls me.

I want to call him right now, I just got off work, but I don't know if I should or not.

P.s. We are not together, just seeing each other.

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  • Don't call! Be strong,you've got to show him that you have better things to do than always call him.If you don't call it will make him wonder,hmm why isn't she calling?..Don't show too much interest,I've found when you show too much interest,they lose interest.I hate games,but just don't call him for a few days,if you don't hear from him,have a think about if this guy is really worth your time.And don't text either!If you feel the need to call or text him,text a friend instead!Or go online and browse the internet,do something to distract yourself..


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  • I suggest not to call. I have had something similar happen to me once. It was not a good feeling. We were not exclusive but we went on dates and such. I was unsure whether or not to call him also, and I also never sent him a text, afraid of being ignored. After several weeks, I realized that if he and I kept dating, he should be wanting to talk to me more so then eventually we could be exclusive and if he didn't change that part, then clearly he doesn't want it as much as I do. I left him. And my boyfriend now always sends me messages to greet me good morning and we talk throughout the day. We let each other know where we are so neither of us are worried about the other. If he doesn't want to talk to you or make time to talk to you ... or is eager to get off the phone when you do talk together, I'm unsure if he's into this as much as you are. Think things over. Wouldn't you want the person you are dating to want to talk to you? Ask you how your day is going? To greet your good morning?