I feel like my friend...?

Only wants to talk to me when it suits him, I always used to text/call most of the time, he did the same, but then he stop texting/calling me, even though I sent him texts/phone calls. So I thought why should I bother if he doesn't. He used to tell me all this crap about how much he loved and cared about me and that I can talk to him about anything, even though I never told him much about my life as I just don't trust him. he tells every girl he loves them even if he doesn't know them. So why would it be different for me? I feel like I meant nothing to him, after 5 years of knowing him I thought I might mean something to him? But it hurts to know he meant so much but I meant so little, he text me out of the blue the other day asking me if I was okay, I said no that everything isn't okay, he never even gave me one phone call or a text to ask me what was wrong! He was too busy on Facebook. He rang the next day but it was late so I didn't have my phone on. I know for a fact if it was the other way round I would have rang him straight away! But I guess I'm too nice, maybe that's where I go wrong? As I have a feeling he doesn't like me as much these days! Should I just forget about him? As I can't be bothered to play childish games!

Many thanks.


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  • Maybe you should ditch him, and then maybe he'll realize what he had?

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