Is a pretty intense gaze, a sign of intimacy and attraction?

I am just pondering this. I know this sounds stupid but I was at this store today and at the check out there was a really cute clerk. I asked couple random question, like if she had a random item in the store, and teased her a bit when she couldn't find it. Anyway I don't know through out the whole interaction there were a couple moments which I kept a pretty steady, I am into you, confident gazy with a smile. She kept it as well. How likely is it I just imagined it, or that she was just being polite? (Ohh by the way he store gets a lot of people in it, it is on the high street) I might try and talk to her some more next time I go into the store.


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  • it might be for real. if I don't like the guy, why would I bother holding the gaze? :) I was at this hotel with my other girlfriends once and we didn't have enough towels. I came down to ask for towels and the clerk ordered the super cute intern to get them for us. he kept smiling and glancing at us. We waited for ten minutes but he didn't come up so we came down again ha ha and asked. he was playfully smiling and said he will come up this time. when he did come up, I opened the door and we exchanged a few words. he looked at me and I held his gaze for four full seconds. (this is after we talked) I wouldn't have done this if I don't find him hot! ha ha but nonetheless I felt jolts/chemistry


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  • i wouldn't hold the gaze if I wasn't into him :)


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  • As you hand her your cash or credit card, don't release it. When she goes to grab it, pull it back. She'll get confused at first. Hand it to her again, and repeat. On the third time, stare at her and smile with a little smirk and say "take it, stop playing around!". This always gets a laugh out of the girls. If she's interested, now will be the perfect time to ask for her phone number as she's laughing. Try this man, it is golden.

    • Haha! This is why I love this site :)

      Definitely going to try this.

    • You can mail me a check when you get her phone number. You're in like Flynn. :)