What do you guys like a girl to do or ask on a first date?

What do you guys like a girl to do or ask on a first date? Please let me know. ;d


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  • I 'll take anything she's willing to dish out, honestly.

    If I really like her, it won't matter, I won't think less of her. but honestly it usually takes time to get to that point unless we have been friends for years or something before the first date. I try not to fall into this trap, but I do think of girls who put out on the first date as sluts. I love them though and if they are willing to let me get my d*** wet any number of ways, I'm always open to that.

    i just had a first date with this girl two weeks ago and she went all the way. we were in the car kissing. then she decided to let me play with the twins and I was grateful lol didn't expect more until I found her naked straddling my lap in her panties. she slid them to the side, unzipped me, and well, you know. I was happy as sh*t but I got the feeling she had done this before. I find it hard to believe a girl is going to just start doing that randomly but hey I don't know every slut has to start somewhere. maybe I was her first fling. I've taken her out a couple times since then and I'm always willing to give her the chance to let me get to know her, but we have f***ed on every single date so far. lmao I'm like, this chick doesn't want me to see her as girlfriend material, she's not taking the opportunities I give her to prove she's more than p****. I'm one of the few guys out there who isn't completely turned away from a girl who I view as a slut. I think she could still be a chill person and maybe the girl of my dreams. not this girl in particular though. she barely says anything significant on our dates and is willing to hop on my d*** like any time of the day. I've called her over for a booty call to test that theory. its true. lol

    • Lool like you I strongly doubt it was her first fling fam. You should get yourself check asap as you probably picked something up. It sounds like you're having a whole bag a fun though. Just remember what you learnt in sex ed: WEAR PROTECTION :)

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  • guys would like girls to be open. honest. nice. it would be good to talk about things he enjoys to do. an it would be good to ask lots of questions.

  • Big sloppy Bj


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