Texting after calling?

Hi all,

I met a girl Friday night/Saturday morning and she gave me her number.

I called her today (Tuesday) and it went to her answer machine. Should I text her now.. Something like "hey, how you doing? I tried to call but couldn't get through, I'll try again tomorrow"

or just wait and call her again tomorrow anyway?


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  • Whatever you do don't text her. Honestly me as a girl, I'd be like wtf? I saw that he called I think that's a little desperate and I'd end up ignoring the text and wouldn't want to call back. Give it time, if she wants to talk to you, she'll call you. because who doesn't have caller i.d on cells now a days? You'd be safe if it went straight to voice mail but since that's the case, I'd let it go. Good luck!

  • Don't text. That might come across to pushy and that could turn her off.


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