What should I do??

Ok, so my friend goes to a different school than me and he has this friend, who is a girl and a few weeks ago I talked to him and her on msn. After that I added her and ever since, weve talk non-stop online to eachother. Also we have talked on the phone a few times. I think I kinda like her, but the only problem is I don't know her in person, and I've never talked to her in person or anything. I really want to meet her and like hang out and do something some day. Even if I don't end up going out with her I think it would still be cool being friends with her. What should I do?!?


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  • Since this is your friends friend have you asked him about her? I think you should just hang out with her...if you don't hit things off then just be friends. Just go for it! :]


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