You text him/her, and they don't text back. You...?

Whenever my crush doesn't text me back, I really don't panic about it. But it seems like a lot of people do. How do you feel about it?

  • I get nervous... I must be annoying him/her.
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  • No big deal. They're people, they have lives outside of their phone.
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  • Doesn't really affect me. Don't really think about it.
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  • do you text him back every time or do you also blow him off? I tend to always text back when my crush texts me, but if she doesn't text me back, then I don't panic and I'll wait 1, 2, 3 or more days until she hits me up. An ignored text obviously means they're busy and could possibly mean they want space.

    • I text him back as soon as I get the message, haha. But if he doesn;t text me right back, no big deal.

    • funny how it works both way :) This is why it's important to have multiple options and date multiple people.

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