How to know if he is the right guy?

I met a guy about a month ago and we have been texting and talking on the phone alot. I'm 18 and he's 21 and are both college students. He has had four girlfriends, two in middle school and two in high school. The most he says that he has done with a girl is kissing and touching. He says out of the four he really loved one. He said that she was always there for him whenever he needed her, but she cheated on him with someone else while they were dating. He told me that she messed everything up because she cheated on him. Is she still stuck in his mind? I've asked him why he likes me and he says that it is because I am honest, but I have a feeling that this is because he was cheated on before. I don't know if he likes me for who I really am. Does he? I have never dated before and he would be my first boyfriend. Its long distance relationship though. While I was visiting, after the first day there he found me and started talking to me alot. During the rest of my stay there he was there everyday which was about a week. He took my mother, sister and I out for pizza. He took my sister and I ice skating and every night that we were there we went out. We even went to a party together and that was when he asked if I would be his girlfriend after just three days of hanging out with me.I didn't give him an answer until the last day that I spent in their city, and I said "yes" but I don't know if it was because I wasn't expecting him to ask or if it was because I had never had a boyfriend before and just wanted one. After visiting the whole city, my mother decided that she wanted to go more up north. So we left that city and traveled three hours away to a different town. That night he called and wanted to come visit, I gave him the address and the day after the next (he had to go to work) he came with a friend of his. He stayed in that town with us until we flew back home and he saw that I got on a plane. A week later he wrote me a letter and then invited my sister and I for Spring Break. So does he really like me? Or is he just lusting or infatuated with me (because I'm a virgin and he told me that he was too, but I find it hard to believe because he has had four ex girlfriend)? Is he still in love with his ex girl friend that he really love? Has he compared me to her? Should I go for Spring Break? Is he still a virgin for real? What should I do? Should he get a chance? Will it work? What would you do?

I also forgot to mention he lied to me at first about his age. When I told him that I was 18. He said that he was too. The next night after skating he told me that he had lied to me about his age and that he was really 21


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  • If he's telling the truth about everything then he seems like a really good guy, I'm sure his ex is still on his mind from time to time, but he may not ever want to be with her again if that answers your question. I'd go for it, he sounds pretty nice

    • I just realized that he lied to before after you said that...

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    • what about her... he's probably over her, like I said, doesn't mean that she doesn't cross his mind, he did love her at one point, but that's over now

    • Alright, thanks so much!

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  • hahaha. you don't count middle school relationships! but anyways, this guy sounds like he moves way too fast. I don't know if he's sincere or not, I don't know that much about him, but from what you've said he sounds like a "relationship" kinda guy so if you guys slow things down a bit, it may work out.

    • I realized that too and asked him about it. He said that he wanted to ask me in person before I go back home.

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