Why won't he text me?

so the guy that I like texted me recently saying hey and stuff we struck a convo and it ended with him saying "i would love to continue this but I g2g to bed" so its now the next day and I have not heard from him is there a reason he's not texting is this normal for guys to do?


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  • LOL that is so normal. I've been texting a guy for three years now (I haven't ever met him) and most of the time I have to text first.

    so uhm just text him first?! :P

    • Text him first...

      I'm a guy, and I approve of you texting a guy first.

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    • Nawwww. Only if he doesn't reply don't like try and text him 438574358 in one day.

      Lol that's weird.

    • kk thanks lol :)

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  • well I only text a girl first thing in the morning if we're going out or we're talking on my iPod (because I always check that when I get up and I like using it more than my phone). and when I don't text right away in the morning, I usually don't text until something reminds me to do it or I'm bored.

    If you want to talk, just send something to him. If he see's it, he'll most likely respond. don't worry

  • Some guys you have to text first. He also may be trying to play hard to get, or he doesn't want to come off as too eager/he feels like he'd bug you by texting too much.

    • really? hmm well I don't know ill give it another day b4 I text him thanks tho :)

    • But of course :)

      Good luck

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  • He wants you to text him first. If he always has to text you first, he'll think that you don't like texting him. So if you want him to text you.. YOU text him first :)

  • Im not a guy but I have a lot of guy friends that while we are hanging out they talk about girls they talk to. Usually a guy is simple. I think he actually had to go to bed. Men are not really complicated. Sure sometimes they make excuses but if you hit it off real well then I think that he meant what he said.

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