How significant is it when a girl finally lets you pay for dinner?

Because she hadn't let me the first two times we went together. I'd offered both times but both times she insisted on paying. It went in line with what we'd said earlier that we were 'hanging out to see where things go', and I didn't press very hard at it. We still had a good time both nights, walked back arm in arm to her place (even though she didn't let me kiss her til recently)

This last weekend though I stayed at her place. We'd gone out drinking together with some friends and finally I decided to see just how far I could push things, I didn't want to get locked in as 'just a friend'. So after a long discussion when walking her home about how glad she was I'd stayed in contact while she was gone the previous 8 months and was now one of her best friends (I cringed inwardly there) I followed it up by a rather intense kiss. Next thing I knew she was inviting me upstairs.

We didn't have sex, only cuddled and talked. She admitted she's terrified of being locked into a relationship... but also admitted she has seen how happy people are in them and is getting curious about it. Perhaps she's missing something she admitted. She asked what I wanted and I told her I wasn't sure either, I liked her though and wanted to keep spending time with her.

And now two nights later she let me buy dinner for her, and once again let me kiss her goodnight (completely sober this time). Is this actually significant or am I just being weird?


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  • I think it's pretty clear that she likes you.

    Why she didn't allow you to pay for her the first two times, I don't know. She probably genuinely doesn't want guys to pay for her, because she believes in equality maybe.. But when she let you buy her dinner, may be she finally gave in, and made you treat her like a woman. lol