Should I tell him I'm not cool with him not calling me?

He is just a friend, who I met last may. Before the summer we would hang out, I went back home for the summer so I didn't see him for 2.5 months. I wasn't that upset since we were just friends and there's nothing I could do about it, since my home town is far away from his.

When college started in the fall we were spending a lot of time together (drinks, concerts, sleep over...). We flirted, laughed etc. We never hooked up though,and I never told him I liked him, he didn't say anything either. I was abou to tell him I'm into him but... Now I haven't properly hung out with him for 2.5 months, just like during summer. we saw each other twice at two different events, but the moment was just not right to tell him.

It's different than the 'summer break' Because I really like him now and we're in the same city. I made contact, but we never met up. when I texted him he always replied, but never called/texted me first. Maybe I'll meet him tomorrow at a common friend's party.

Should I tell him I'm not cool with him not calling me? Even if he still considers me just a friend (and all that flirting was just in my head)...Should I just play it cool?

Another question: do you think he would reply my texts, if he met another girl while I didn't see him? Or would he just blow me off completely?


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  • I wouldn't tell him that "it's not cool for you not to call me" if I were you.

    Many guys don't even like their girlfriends excercising that kind of power over them and you are just friends.

    It's likely to be that he met another girl because 2.5 months is a long time for a guy to be sitting innocently in his room thinking of only pure thoughts lol

    Also because he does answer your texts but he is not in a hurry to send the first text. He replies because you are friends.

    If you want to see him just cal him and tell him but I would refrain from tying to impose rules on your friendship such as making it mandatory for him to call or text you.

    • thanks!

      i don't care if he has unpure thoughts, watches p*rn 24/7, jerks it off to lady gaga ha ha :) as long as he didn't get a girl

      another question for you :) people usually say that if he's not calling he's just not that into you. how possible is that he realized I liked him and he freaked out? if that's impossible, you can say it, I can handle it ;) FYI he's probably the most laid back guy I've ever met, could he be just playing it cool? ha ha we should really stop playing it cool

    • He's either not that into you or someone else is occupying his time (a girl)!

      I doubt that he freaked out. Guys just kinda move on when they have options, and will be persistent when the girl they want is perceived to be the best option.

      I don't think he's playing it cool. Just go meet him

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