Should I text her before the date?

So I have a date this Friday that we set up on Monday night. Should I text her anything before the day of the date just to talk to her? or should I just wait until Friday before contacting her to see how we are going to meet up?

Or other suggestions?


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  • Talk to her before. I always hated when guys would ask me out and then wait a week to talk to me again. To me it seemed either like a game, or like he didn't care all that much about me. Sometimes I wasn't even sure if the date was going to happen by that point.

    • What should I say? I completely suck at texting, so yea...

    • You could call her if you suck at texting

  • I think the day of the date about 3 hours before, give her a call to make sure she's still on for the date. A guy did that to me and I liked it.


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