What is the meaning behind this Vegas trip?

Two years ago I met this really good looking Swedish hockey player at a club. We hung out all night long and had a really good time.We ended the night with a kiss and both went back to our separate hotels, I took a flight home the next morning. Recently, we found each other on Facebook and he asked me to meet him in Vegas this summer when he is stateside. He has offered to pay for me and even some girlfriends. My gut reactions was to say he was flying me there for ass, but he is a Swedish hockey player for God's sake he could get ass here, there or anywhere. Also, Swedish men are known for being very shy and stoic, so he is very hard to read when we communicate. My question is should I go on the trip and see where it goes?


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  • He's invited you on a trip, I'd say go for it. You aren't obligated to do anything you aren't comfortable doing once you're on the trip, so don't worry about it. If you still have bad feelings in the pit of your tummy, just call it off before he books any plane tickets.


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