Would it be weird to text him saying I thought about him?

The guy I like and have kind of being "seeing", but were just friends who like each other really, just text me saying he thought about me today because something reminded him of me (he specified what don't, need to go into it though) would it be weird to reply "thought about you today, no particular reason." with the rest of my text?

I think about him all the time really.. Just don't know if texting that would be creepy aha. Trivial I know... Were both 22.



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  • I always maintain that women should play things on the cooler side, keep him on his toes, let him know you're interested but keep it light and casual. You might scare him with some of the gooshiness that we women tend to show men! Some men are OK with it and others are not! So with that being said, I have to ask do you know him well enough to tell if he's into the gooshiness? If not then you need to spend more time listening and paying attention :) You should be able to answer this question yourself