Is it bad to only text a guy?

I recently met a guy a few weeks ago. I know he was for sure interested before because his roommate told me. I went back to school which is 3 hours away so all we do is text. I go home at least once a month when I can (so I can see my family and my pets and ride my horse). He told me when I come back we should hang out, he has already asked me to do a lot with him.

We've been texting for about 3 weeks, he texts me everyday, says good morning and is laid back about the texting thing (takes his time, I take my time, etc.). I won't be home for a couple more weeks and we've only hung out once before. I will be there in the summer and on breaks and such but it's always a few weeks or month in between.

Does it get old for a guy to only text a girl for awhile? Can you start a relationship over texting? Or do guys hate only talking through text?


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  • From experience, don't do it. The last thing you want to do is look back at how the foundation of your relationship was built, and building it over text isn't a good idea for obvious reasons. Apart from potentially both of you getting tired of texting, it becoming too routine, or causing someone to be losing interest, texting isn't the way to go at all.

    And I say from experience because I did it, and now I regret it completely. At the time I had no problem with it, but from a guy's point of view it just doesn't feel right. We're supposed to put more effort, make you feel stronger emotions from talking with us, hearing each others' voices. And it makes it feel pretty pathetic that you went about talking to someone by reading about them. Even over long distance.

    Want to start a relationship with him through technology? At least give him a call over the phone.

    • ok thank you!

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    • Sounds fine, hope things go well!

    • Thank you! :)

  • I'm one of the few guys who loves texting. That being said, you need to take breaks from it. If you text too much you'll get bored of each other and learn to much about each other that you could have learned in person. Like when you finally meet up it'll sound a little like "so how was school?.. oh right I already asked you that.."

    So that being said I'd call or Skype or something! That can be a great way to keep that excitement going and stay in touch. Have a couple days of rest where you don't text and maybe send the occasional "Hey I've been thinking of you! Can't wait to see you!" but not necessarily starting a conversation.

    I don't think texting a lot is bad but just be careful that it doesn't ruin that excitement and anticipation you feel for each other.


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