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so..i have been playin' with the idea of this guy being in love with me...except right now,i am in pain(and toothache no less).its hurting me soo bad,and I am on medicines.heknows am not well,and he yesterday told me to relax and take care.if he was in love with me,wouldnt he have at least called or texted to ask how I was today ?


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  • So he is in love with you, you know it but nothing happened between you two. So maybe he's just to shy to ask you right now? Maybe he will tomorrow?

    I don't know in what kind of relationship you two are in (classmates / friends / whatever) so this might just be normal. If he is to shy to ask you he won't call - this doesn't mean that he doesn't like you!


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  • Are you two dating? If not, then I wouldn't really "expect" much of anything from a guy at this point. How do you know if he's "in love" with you? Has he told you this?