Is it acceptable to ask if he is seeing other people?

I've been on four dates with this guy. We talk or text pretty much every day. He calls me sweetie on the phone and is very affectionate with me in person. He cuddles with me, kisses me on the head or hand, as well as other places. LOL Seriously though, he gives me all the signs, especially with body language, that he is very interested in me and has developed some feelings for me. I definitely have feelings for him. We met on a dating website and even though I know he hasn't been on the one where we met, I'm not sure if he has been on the other site since I'm not a member of that one. He could be going on other dates, but I really don't think so. He has his own business and has been working seven days a week since the opening of his new location. I have been asked on many other dates but have avoided these men because of him. I like him and really don't want to see other people unless he is uninterested in our "dating" escalating into something else. So I guess I need to know when is it okay to broach the subject? I need to know if he's want something more with me or is seeing other people so that I don't put all my eggs in one basket and wind up getting hurt. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  • You've been out on other dates and you're interested, so why not broach the subject now? Tell him you want to be exclusive if that's what you want. I actually tend to "serial date" in this fashion as well, but if I want exclusivity then I will divulge that to the person in question.

    • And what have the outcomes been when you ask to be exclusive?

    • Then there is generally a verbal agreement saying, "OK, we'll just see each other now." I've not been turned down about it, if that's what you are asking, but I have told a guy who asked me to date just him that I wasn't ready to do that and we split. I function on open communication and honesty, I wish more people would.

  • You have only been on 4 dates, so I think it is too early to ask for exclusivity. And I think you shouldn't put all your eggs in one baskets...yet.

    As you get to know him a little better, you should be able to talk about if you two are dating others and if you want to continue that.

    Now, if you decide to become intimate, then definitely ask about others.

    It just seems quite pushy to ask to be exclusive after only 4 dates.

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