So should I let him go alone or should I go with him?

OK so my boyfriend offered this Customer that is a girl he met at work to go over to her house to fix her PC, I got pretty mad when he told me this because he always denies it from other people but he didn't deny to fix this specific girls PC at her own house and on top of that for free. He told me about it and I got a little jealous. Well he ended up asking me to go with him. What should I do? Should I go with him or let him go on his own?


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  • I don't think you should go with him because it's unprofessional; it is his job. But I also think you should calmly talk to him about how this upsets you, especially because he has denied other customers the same thing. If he respects your feelings he will refer the girl to another worker, and not go at all. If he insists that he goes, and doesn't even charge her, then I would consider taking a break from the relationship because he obviously cares more about this girl than your relationship.

    • This isn't his job, he works as an electronics associate so he only does the fixig computers to family or close friends and the girl kind of told him why can't he fix her computer for her and he said sure. He told me he did it because he felt bad for her. I don't know I want to go because he offered me to go with him but I don't want to seem weird, or something.

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    • Hey! Well we didn't go he told me if it make me uncomfortable he will respect that and not go. So I guess that is good thing.

    • that's awsome! I'm really happy it all worked out for you. don't forget to remind him how much you appreiate his honesty& respect for your feelings :)