How do you tell what her intentions are for making conversations?

If a girl who you have a few close mutual friends with, but you two are not close at all. In fact hardly spoke before, but she begins to initiate small talks with you, smiles a lot and I've compared her speaking to her male friend to when she speaks to me and she seems to keep a smile on when talking to me whereas she doesn't with her friend. Is this just her being friendly since we have close mutual friends or does this mean she's interested in me?

What's the next step from this? Just keep making conversations?


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  • Is she always making the conversations? do you start them sometimes? Maybe you need to find out more :)

    • I haven't started any except for the usual "hey, how are you?" (even then she always seems to be one step quicker with the greetings too), she haven't really tried making conversation from that. Instead she waits until a little bit later to come walk by and just comment on what I'm doing and asks about it or ask something like what I'm doing over the holidays, how was my weekend etc. Actually, now that I think of it, everything she said to me have been questions...

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    • so do you mean I should start some conversations with her?

    • Yes :) not all the time but time to time

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  • What's on her mind, you may never know! She herself might have trouble explaining what she's thinking.

    So don't even try to figure that out. You make the road by walking here, a real adventure, and it's always the unexpected! If she's not shallow, I mean,and only asks you what car you drive. In that case, all that's on her mindis money and you can stop wondering.

    But a real woman, not a bimbo, you can't know her intentions until after the fact.