If he asks you over text if you want to do something?

Okay so a guy (me..or some other random guy you just met awhile ago) asks you over text.. Hey I'm free next week.. Would you like to go do something next week with me?

What would you think?

Perhaps you would ask me what that would be id like to do with you.. However if you ask.. I would reply something you would like to do..but I'm not telling you because I am keeping it a secret!

What would you girls think about this and guys what do you all think about this approach? Have you ever tried it?


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  • I'm assuming you're not suggesting that it is an entire week spent with a person - day and night.

    So, that having been said, that approach is fine with me. When I'm not totally familiar with a person, I nearly always prefer to be asked to hang out through a text. Not all girls are that way, of course; I'm just able to account for myself.

    • It worked pretty fine.. Thank you! I couldn't remember what you said when I asked.. But yeah I got a date

    • Right on, that's excellent! :)

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