Will she think this is a date or just hanging out?

So I met a girl a week ago...we're in college. We talked for a while and I got her number. I call her to set up a "date" but I never used that word. We are going bowling and out for food after. Oh and it is at night when we are going. When texting she never used a smiley face until she texted me to confirm the time of the date after the phone convo.

So will she most likely be thinking this is a date? That's what I want it to be, so I just hope she isn't thinking we are just hanging out.

What would you girls think if a guy you have known for a very short time asked you to go bowling/out for food?


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  • im in same situation, I would assume friendly hangout but expect it to lead to something so yeah in her head its a date but you need to make a move to shw her lol

    • kk thanks. I just talked to her and we are doing a movie instead of going for food so I can try something there.

    • Goodluck! :)

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