Going on a date question? Does she like me?

I've always been confused about this. If I ask a girl on a date and she says yes, does that mean she likes me? Or is she going on the date to see IF she likes me? There has to be some attraction to get a girl on a date, but does it necessarily mean that she wants more?

I guess as a second question, if a girl goes on a date with you, does she want it to progress to a relationship and it's up to me to make it fun? Or do some girls go on dates without the intention of getting into a relationship?


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  • 1) She'll most likely think you're cute or interesting... She might like you, or might think that there is a possibility that she will...

    - but, some girls just can't say no... and some, will take any excuse for a free meal, drinks and a night out...

    2) Regardless you should try and make it fun/interesting...

    Like I said before, some girls can't say no, or say yes for the wrong reasons.. but that doesn't mean you can't win them over...


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  • Personally, I usually know after the first date whether I'm into a guy or not. If he's nice to me and everyone else we encounter on our date and we clique, I'll say yes to another date. Most girls I know do want dating to progress to a relationship because we know how easily we get attached sometimes. I think if a girl says yes to a second date, she probably is thinking about where things will go in the future. It's wrong for a girl who just wants a free meal to lead a guy on.

  • When I get asked out usually I already know I have some interest in the guy. You'll know that positively does like you if she says yes to another date


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