Guys honestly what is the best thing to do in this situation?

Lets see, few months ago a guy gave me loads of signs that he liked me.i never did anything about it because I'm so shy :( then he started being mean in a subtle way I think to get my attention that way. Now he just ignores me like I'm not even a person.he does not like mfe and also its clear that he thinks I'm weird / a freak. I am thinking of saying hello and try to start a convo.. But would that be lame? And if not any tips? :/ x


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  • just pretend like you guys never had a gap inbetween you go up to him and do something flirty and funny me if he's the kind of guy for you he will react no matter what you do see if you can get his attenion from afar or if he follows you with his eyes I'm kinda doing the same thing to this girl I liked that put me in the friendzone but she dose like me..but I'm not mean about it I'm just kinda like she there and I know I will stare sometimes and plus I know all the other girls talk about me so I know I'm missed really its just an experiment just go up and say something to him..cause like I said before any reaction whether its good or bad from a guy is always a plus means he's taking time to think about you:) hope I helped

    • i am really really shy... I would love to talk and say something flirty or creative but I just don't have the courage! ...Thanks for the comment also :D

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  • um don't bother. When he gave you the signs he like you, by being nice and flirty, guys always take note on how girls react. since you never responded to his signs, he must think you're into the bad boy type rather than flirty type, so he started a more agressive and "aloof" method. Best guess since you didn't react either way, he just thinks your just another friend now and moved on, if not making you just an acquaintance.

    You already gave the signs that you don't like him back. Only way to "undo" that would be to be really really straight forward. But even if you do that, most guys will think you have a hidden agenda.

    so yeah, don't bother.

    • Thanks for your answer. what would be the hidden agenda?

    • the hidden agenda being that you must want something from him. "Oh so NOW she act like she really really likes me? She must want something."

      In high school for me, the agenda was usually "help" on homework. aka "the answers".

  • If he's ignoring you, then maybe he's moved on. He might have gotten the impression that you were not interested in him. You can try and start a conversation with him, but I wouldn't expect much, at least not right away.

  • well it seems as if you both waited to long to start talking to each other. Yea think of something to ask him to get a conversation going, like "hey do you have the time?" or something like that, and get back into the groove. also seeing as how all of this started a few months ago he could have lost interest, but nothing's set in stone

  • A few months ago? It's not much of a surprise he's ignoring you now.

    He'd probably be up for being your friend, but unless your very forward (unlikely if you're shy) I doubt he's going to chase anymore.

    • i know... its all pretty stupid really haha.. would he be quite shocked get freaked out if I try and talk to him?

    • I would consider it unusual and be curious what happened. Why is this girl who basically ignored me, now wanting me?

      You say you're shy, but he might not know that. Attention seekers act in similar ways as you are right now.

      Just a comment: Thinking someone as weird and thinking someone as a freak is two separate things. Sometimes- weirdness defines people and makes them more attractive. I'd never date a freak.

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