Why is that when a guy likes you he chases you for ever and you just brush him off

But let him get to know you and actually let your guard down he all of a sudden stops talking to you as much as he used to and he doesn't ask if he can see you on your days off if you're not tired..I met this guy at school. He was alright but I didn't think anything of him. We smoked one day in my car during our lunch and a few days later he asked when I was going to smoke him out and I said umm whenever probably at my house so that's when he asked for my # and the rest of the week he texted me non stop! He was legit and made me laugh all the time :] So a day or two later,we go to this park that over sees the city we live in and it was super cheesy but romantic. And as a joke he called it our first date. So we just got to know each other and he couldn't stop staring at me all night. He wanted a kiss and I said I don't kiss guys unless it's my boyfriend. I just thought it was wrong.. AT The TIME...So he didn't ask again. We stayed at the spot for two hours then had to go home because of the time. Anyway, a week and a half after that winter break started. So now I was really busy at work and he texted me all day as usual and this Gabe me an opportunity to get to know him even more. The following week,I was at one of my girlfriends house and out of the blue asked him if he wanted to come over and of course he did. It was late so we crashed on my girlfriends coutch at first...we cuddled then moved to the floor where there was more space and talked all night. He is just as much of a dork as me and we have a sh*t ton in common! He asked me for a kiss on the cheek. I'm pretty old fashioned :] first kiss hah. The following morning before he left we had another kiss. Now here is where it gets weird because when we were at the park the other night ,I told him that I liked being single and that I didn't want to open up to a guy again and be let down. He told me to let him in and I won't be let down...bullsh*t now. I thought about it and I really did want to take a chance on this dude. So I started opening up more and talking more to him. After Christmas, I finally had a few days off work so... I asked him if he wanted to go to the mall to exchange some items with me and he said yes and was so excited to see me. He held my hand as we walked through the mall and spur of the moment we went to the movies... The girl w the dragon tattoo:) he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes. So we kissed most of the time during the movie ahah... We went home and that's when he just stopped texting.. I was the one texting more than usual now and almost felt like I bugged him"/ I was pretty bummed and got upset. Now that he has evening classes I don't see him because I'm on a morning schedule. And I just saw him two days ago. He seemed like he really missed me. I asked why he didn't want to see me anymore and he asked why I would think that...every time I said I was free,o I hinted that I wated to hangout and I've even asked a few times too... He said of course he does want to

see me. I'm so f***ing confused. I should've just ignored the dude when I gave him my number. My bestie says he's just a flirt. He is a guy So from a guy's POV I'm taking his word I don't want to feel like I am needy... That will push him further away. I really like this guy now that he knows I like him he just makes it seem like he's procrastinating. NEVER let your guard down for a dude. Your better off single anyway -.-...right?



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  • Stay away from him, if a girl I liked showed interest like you did to him I'd be by your side faster than superman outrunning a bullet.

    And no I don't suffer from "nice guy syndrome" this is called "liking a girl and putting effort into it syndrome". I just had the reverse (for the most part) happen to me and goddammit it ain't worth it! Let it be, I'm sure you and I both can find someone who is actually worth our time.

    Good luck and as hard as it is, try and stop dwelling! (we can do it! hahaha)

    • This happens to me. But he seemed like one of those nice guys! Lol and people wonder why I stay single...but yeah you are so right dude. I hope you find a great girl;) as for me should I just completely stop texting him or what?

    • I gotta live by this advice as well right now so it ain't easy to say, and hey lets make a mutual promise about this knowing someone else out there has got it just as tough, no more texting, no more calls, if he/she texts/calls you- DON'T ANSWER! They had their chance and they blew it. Done and over with!

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