Should I ask a guy to the dance? If so, which one?

Okay so we have our school's winter dance coming up and most of my friends are either not going or are going together, leaving me to be on my own or a third wheel. Nobody has or is going to ask me so I'm thinking I'm going to ask one of my guy-friends that is going. Now the thing is that my two options both know that I used to like them, so I'm worried that they will think I want something more. Option one is a guy I will be sitting with for the next four years and is my locker neighbor, and option two is one of my closest guy-friends who is considering asking somebody else. Should I ask somebody and if so, which one?


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  • In my opinion, I think you should just go stag. Yes, it won't be as fun, showing up with a guy but..that way it gives the guys who didn't ask any girl a chance to ask you to dance (figuring they have the balls to). Go out with friends!


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