Why did he ask for a picture via text?

Ok weird story. I was texting my coach, yeah coach. He trained me, got my number, became "good friends", flirted, text, long tight hugs etc. He was really into me I guess because he asked me to hang out when we first met, and after about 5 months, he asked me out, which brings me to my question. He asked me out and I said no but not directly of course because it wasn't the right time for me and I honestly did not take him serious because it was over text. Then after he said that I'm too pretty to be single and I said well then you should see me dressed up (because he has only seen me in gym clothes). Then he said send me a pic of you done up.

My questions are:

1) Why did he ask me out via text?

2) Why did he ask for a picture of me done up?


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  • myabe because he he thinks your beautiful or something? text because it was easiest? tthis sounda kinda weird.


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  • Sorry but I can't read his mind

    Sorry I'm not your coach !

    Sorry I can't knw what eva he was thinking

    wat a **** question lool

    • you don't have to read mind to answer a simple question. What is your IQ anyway?

    • those who have voted me down they could have answered this question instead .. My IQ is much higher then what you think .. believe me

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