Questions are about the first date and are for girls. What should I think here?

I just asked a similar question but I thought I'd ask this also :)

These questions are about the first date and are for girls:

1) At the end of the date, if the girl offers a hug, should I see that as a sign she likes me or that she wants to avoid the kiss?

2) If a first date goes for well over two hours, should I think she is interested? We did two things and she easily could have said she was too busy to do the other, but she said she wanted to.

3) If the guy doesn't compliment you, do you lose interest in him? I'm terrible with compliments. My parents never really gave them out, so it is not a habit of mine. I know I should have given some compliment, but it completely slipped my mind. How bad did a screw up?

4) Last one: after the date, lets say the guy sends you a text with something funny in the beginning and then says he had a ton of fun. If you respond only commenting on the funny part, what does that mean? This girl did not say anything like "yea I had fun too". She might just be bad at texting but still...

I mean if she didn't like me/want a second date, she didn't have to keep the date going for 3 hours, or give me a hug, or respond to my first text at all(even though her response wasn't exactly perfect).

Do you guys think she is interested, or is her not saying "I had fun too" or something similar a hint she isn't in to me?


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  • 1 I think you should see getting a hug as a good sign, she couldve been unsure or shy and not wanted a kiss

    2 sounds like a good sign :)

    3 I think the occasional compliment is a lot better than constant praise. Personally, I don't know how to take compliments, so yeah xD

    4 depends how she said it. If she was like 'yupp haha' then stopped texting I'd take it as a bad sign. But she could've just not known how to react/respond.

    I think she's interested :) good luck!

    • She said "haha that's crazy". I responded a bit later pretty much just saying goodnight. But like you said, it's probably a bad sign. What should I do about it? Is it maybe because I didn't give her compliments on her looks? She dressed up a good amount, but stupid me doesn't think to give compliments...:(

    • It's not that big of deal you didn't compliment her xD but if you feel like you shouldve, maybe text her now saying something like 'hey, I forgot to say this earlier, but you looked beautiful today :)'

    • But is it a big deal she didn't say something about her having fun also?

  • if she is still talking to you and said she had fun then yea she's interested. why don't you just ask her is she would like to go out another time the next day. If she says yes then great! start practicing the compliments :) listen if she is still responding to you its a good sign ;) good luck!

    • Well it was only that one response. But she didn't say she had a good time too. I think she did but she prob should have said it in the text. At the end of the date I mentioned how we should meet up again and she said yes(but she would have said yes either's not like she's going to say no directly to me). How bad did I mess up by not giving compliments?

    • I don't think that's what you should be focused on, compliments are great for letting the girl know you dig her so you can make up for this by simply asking her on another date tomorrow. wish her good morning and then see what she says... should turn into a little chat then ask her out again! or you could wait till the afternoon then just ask her what her schedual looks like and see when she wants to get together again... I don't think you messed anything up by not giving her comliments.

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