Will a guy ever joke about you dating him?

This guy I have known for a year. we worked together at the restaurant. When I told him that I would go back to my country soon, he told me to date him( so We won't get bored) ..He didn't look at me while he said this.I jokingly rejected him. So I don't know if he was joking about it or not.Normally, he is very outgoing and funny guy. He never make any move on me(like call or text) . He had my Facebook but never comment anything) He only jokingly flirt with me in front of a other people at work( like touching , holding hands , arms and even jokingly said sexual thing between me and him..It is a light conversation. I just smiled and didn't say anything. I have quiet and shy personalities. What 's up with him? will a guy ever joke about you being his girlfriend?


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  • I don't like to analyze without actually being witness to the behavior but if I had to guess from the facts you stated, I would guess that he was intentionally throwing the idea out there to see if you'd bite.

    If you are interested in him, you should text him and say "would you really date me?", his answer will be an honest one.

    If you're not interested, don't pursue the answer to that question because you'll only let him down.

    Try it out and see. Best of luck.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I rejected him yesterday and today he stopped /less flirting with me.

      I just feel awkward and curious that I really rejected his true feeling.We still need to work together.

      We had lunch together today (other coworker couldn't make it) and he did pay for the bills even I offered him to pay. Am I overanalyze about this ? Is he just being friendly ?

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    • Why do you think he is so much different from you? He likes you, but doesn't want to say it directly because then you can reject him. The only way you end the game of subtle hints that never lead up to anything, is to tell him VERY SERIOUSLY you want to be with him and then ask if he wants to be with you. Tell him, very specifically, "I really like you and want to date you" then ask him if he wants to date you. If you seem like you're joking, he'll answer jokingly. The same way you would.

    • At least , I feel more relief , It may take a little time for me to do that. Thank you for your helpful advice ^^

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  • I don't think guys would ever joke about dating you, if they weren't interested in you. Like the other guys said, he's saying it to see if you bite, and not feel totally rejected.

  • well honestly to me he was prob serious, he's prob doing it jokingly so if you do shoot him down he can save face.not only to his friends but to you as well. I think he's toying with the idea of you two but the friendship seems important. so if you would seriously date him ask him for drinks or something, if not and your friendship is important, then just go with what you did and act around him as you normally would. his infatuation would just blow over and you would still be friends.

  • He only flirts with you in front of people because he feels more confident, as opposed to when he's alone with you, when you are most likely to reject him or he feels awkward. If you like the guy flirt back with him to give him the confidence he needs pursue being with you.


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