Is it true love if you keep going back to your first boyfriend to pick up the pieces?

okay my first boyfriend was my first love. But now he is in the army and he says he still loves me matteroffact we were once ingaged. He is always letting me poor my heart out to him over yahoo. And I was write love stories aboout him. He says that I will find my one true love and that I shouldnt worry is it him who is my one true love. He has never hurt me.


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  • Ha..this is the exact situation I was in. My first boyfriend and I split when I met my kids dad..then we continued to bump into each other over the back together for 6 months then split. I don't know your complete situation..but because he was my first real kiss..first real boyfriend..I thought it was fate..we got back together last december because after not seeing him for two years..u can imagine my surprise when he showed up at my doorstep.he found me because I live in the house we all hung out in..a few house down from his mom haha..but I believed in it so much..I thought it was true..but everything happens for a reason..just go with the flow..don't worry if its true or not..if its meant to be it will be..if not then it wasn't..but don't limit yourself. But who knows..maybe when he comes home from the army..hell show up at ur door..I hope you have better luck than I did.

    • Yes I do agree. I believe Lucas and I are meant for eachother. Everytime I seem to fall apart there he is besides me helping me get put back together again. We would of been married by now but I was foolish and nieve. We still want to get married but that's on down the road. I know now that he is my one true love.

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  • All love is "true love."

    I think that if you keep going back to a situation that doesn't work, that's actually a sign of desperation or foolishness.

    This guy is kind to stay in contact, but he's trying to tell you it's over. When someone you've dated says "You'll find true love," here is what they're trying to say:

    "You will find true love. But you won't find true love with me."

    • Ahh true but he says he will always love me. I was always the one that said it was over becuase frankly I'm a scared little girl who doesn't want to get hurt. I know he's not gonna wait around for ever. I mean he actually wants to merry me. But its not time we were once ingaged.

    • I can't follow your story.

      Perhaps someone else can.

      Good luck.

  • alhough I'm jealous of ur situatoin, I never got to be any girls first and my first was just to get laid when I was younger it was justa one night stand. anyway this kinda sucks because the girl I really like has had a boyfriend for 3yrs and it was her first everything so its hard to get her with out her thinking of him. anyway id try to stay with him he sounds nice he is in the army so goo him he probably really needs you right now too

    • But now I'm dating this unbelievable amazing guy I have ever been with you see here's the thing lucas has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend he says that he loves me but you know I'm not so sure. I mean he was my first love and everything the first guy to ask me out EVER. But he says that when I get married is the day that he lets me go. He was just my first kiss is all.

  • Typically speaking, if it doesn't work the first time, it probably never will. No matter how nice, sweet, caring, amazing, etc he or she is.


  • I hate to burst your bubble.

    But either your dumb,blind or deaf

    All I know when you break up with someone there's a reason.

    But I'd have considerable doubts about getting back together

    And here are the 2-main reasons

    1)Have they grown up and matured since?

    2)Will it be the same song and dance?

    And how will it be any different the 2nd time around?

    Plus keep in mind the heart can be mislead

    True or False?


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  • Spellcheck missy.

    I believe Atomizer is spot on with his comment.

    If it was true love you'd be together.

    But only time will tell...

  • You know, you still young, and I guarantee you'll meet some one new. And plus, this is your first boyfriend how do you know its "true love"?

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