Three hour long first date?

Has anyone here been on a three hour long first date? If so, did it always lead to a second date?

I guess this is a better wording: has anyone here been on a 3 hour first date that hasn't lead to a second date?

I was just on one that lasted 3 hours and the whole time wasn't forced so she easily could have left about midway through. But the only problem is she didn't say she had fun also when I texted her after the date. I mean, she didn't say she didn't have fun but I said I had fun and she didn't say yea me too, she said something else.

So what should I be thinking now?


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  • Rather than worry about this, invite her on a second date and if she says "yes." She is interested, if she says she has to cut her wrist, you'll have your answer.

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