Hey...need your help!!!!!!

i wanna send an e-mail to a guy...but I don't want him to think that I wanna talk to him...so I thought I could send an e-mail to all my contacts, and when he answer I'll have an excuse to talk with him. So what could I send in the e-mail?

And yeah...i know it's really immature...but I wanna do it anyway, so don't tell to just send him "hey how are u?" and stuff like that...


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  • "TGIF, do anyone have any suggestions or plans for the weekend"?


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  • I'm not going to say just email him "hey how are u?".

    I was going to say just walk up to him and say "hey how are you?".


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  • well , it totally depends on your relation with this guy .. if you send an email to all your contacts , he will most probably ignore it , since it is not sent specifically to him... so is it really impossible for you to just start a convo with him ? I am sorry I can't be of much help since I have no idea about your background with him :)

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