Why do guys get upset or angry when ....?

i say text me later because they are busy. they always say "why do you say that? I want to text you" what's so wrong about me making things easier and having them text me later?. they take it bad and say why don't I want to talk to them (text) ...oh by the way they text me all day from morning to night... can some one help me out and explain why some guys do this? I don't see why they get all worked up and mad or sad about it.


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  • This JUST happened to me yesterday. I think it hurts their feelings, &+ they could possibly think your texting another guy when your not texting them. Jealousy? Idunno but its annoying ha ha *


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  • Because they want you, and if you wanted them, you wouldn't be too busy.

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    • They are upset that they aren't a higher priority to you.

    • No bt usually they are the ones who are busy and I ask if they just want to text later

  • Hey! How have you been? idk...I've gotta believe that if that is all you can find to fight about...then you must be a good match! I guess if the text comes from him then he wasn't too busy to text...(:

    • Heeey I've been doing alright and you? Lol true bt I don't know I just want to make things easier lol bt I guess that's not the way they see it

    • Look at the bright side..he cares about you! <3<3<3=D

    • Ahahaha you sure?

  • Because you're lying.

    • what if I'm not what if I'm tired of texting I'm not the typical clingy girl I'm very cold in some way when it comes to this

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