Is it weird to meet people online?

I don't go out much & the only time I really meet/talk to people is online. I met my current boyfriend on myyearbook we have been talking, texting, and calling each other since September 2011 & started dating October 2011.

We do plan on meeting once he gets a new car this month, my mom doesn't want me to meet him because she thinks its weird that we met online & calls him a weirdo/killer.

Is it weird?

How many of you meet people online?

Should I meet him anyway?


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  • 1. No, it isn't weird to meet people online. One out of five relationships in the U.S. start online today.

    2. I've met many people online through dating sites, but generally prefer the mystery of approaching girls I don't know. There's a fair bit of lying that girls do about their weight online and I'm not in the least bit attracted to fat women.

    3. If I meet someone online for the first time in person, it is going to be at a public place, not my house and not her house.


What Girls Said 1

  • Did you meet him?

    • Yes I did and he has met my parents too were going on one year and 2 months now