Should it be a date or should I invite more people?

I've known this guy my entire life. we are basically friends since birth... well tomorrow we are getting together and drinking the night away. I think he is really cute and stuff heeh. I have a lot of nerves right now though and I'm trying to decide if I should ask my girlfriends to join, he might bring his guy friends, but I didn't ask him if he was. either way, if it gets awkward we could invite more people... but I know that I can completely be myself when I drink alcohol lol, it lightens the mood for me. we talk, text, hang out, and all that but it feels like it would be awkward because we're never alone together... well what do you think? should I ask more of our friends to join us or should it be a romantic night alone? ;)


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  • I think you should hang out with him alone unless you think he might try to kiss you and make out, etc. If you have doubts bring your girls just in case. If he is very trust worthy then hang out with him alone.


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