Why do guys ask to hangout with my friends?

whenever I start hanging out with a guy, he always brings up, "why don't we invite so and so! (usually whoever is my best friend at the time)" it is so odd.. my ex boyfriend wanted to meet all my friends too at one point...why is this? I don't really have any urges to hangout with their friends and it used to make me feel like they didn't like me, they just wanted to hangout in big groups and meet all my friends. if a guy tells you "you should invite ___ sometime!" does that mean he just wants to be friends?


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  • Your friends are probably hotter than you

    • wwaaaaahhhhhh :(

      but they all have bfs?!

  • 1. He likes them

    2. He likes you and wants to show you that he can get along with them as well. As we know, the biggest acceptance to a guy, is your friends approval

    3. He wants to make you jealous in front of you


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