Dating Someone That's Not Really Your Type, But They Keep you Company?

I'm dating a guy & he's so sweet & really nice 2 me, but I'm not physically attracted 2 him and he isn't really my type. I'm more outgoing, outspoken, experienced, etc. he treats me really good & that's the only thing that's impressive. b4 you say well that's all you need. not quite. we don't know each other that well so I expect him 2 b nice right now.

1. would you date someone just so they can keep your company until you meet someone you like better?

2. am I wrong for doing this?

3. no other guy has treated me this sweet in the "beginning stage". so should I just give him a chance even though he's reallyyy not my type.


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  • 1.It's better if you just stay single or friends with benefits with him if that's how you feel.

    2.In a way, you kind of are.

    3.Before you even say he's not your type, what is your type? If he's been doing good thus far I'm sure it won't kill you to give him a chance to see where things could possibly lead, you never know.

    • my type? aggressive, confident, outgoing, smooth etc..Im use 2 dating really popular, athletic, confident guys. he's admitted 2 me in an indirect way that he lacks confidence & certain things he tells me makes it seems like he doesn't have a backbone.but he's such a sweetheart &makes me feel special & he comes off really sincere (I know when guys are being nice just to get some, he seems genuine lol) but anyways thanks 4 your answer. makes lots of sense especially #3

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    • naaah I didn't give you BA because you were the only one that I so happen 2 like your answer thank you very much :P & I rather one good answer than a bunch of uesless ones anyways lol

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