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k so I'm divorced mom with young kids in my 30s. dating hasn't been too much of a hard thing to do...i'm pretty by conventional standards and have been told I have awesome personality. I also have time to date as my ex is active in kids' lives and does take them for sleepovers. anyway, even though I've gotten hit on by men in 20s and mid 40s or older, I shy away from them as I want to stay in my age range 30-40 tops. but, and I hate to say it, men in their 30s seem to be either one of two things: divorced with kids but bitter and untrusting or never married/no kids total playboy. I don't mean to stereotype believe me. I'm sure I am just having some bad luck. anyway, does anyone have any tips for me? I've done the dating sites but so far haven't found a good match there. really just looking to meet a guy, preferably divorced or at least a father, who has his crap together and is open to the idea of falling for someone, no matter how awful his ex might have been. please help lol. I need tips. or at least positive stories so I know there's hope lol...


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  • I like your attitude. :)

    Make sure to keep yourself socially active. Go out, socialize, attend family gatherings and friends' hangouts, volunteer, go to book clubs, do group sports, take language classes, etc...

    Show yourself to the world and you will definitely find yourself a good man. You certainly seem so awesome. :)

    • thanks so much for your advice and kind words! :)

    • I wish you the best. :)

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