Would you date someone that was 21 and had a child?

Ok so this is the deal if you were 17 would you date someone that was 21 and had a child. Just wondering because I am in this situation right now. He is so sweet and honest and just a all around awsome guy and his child is so cute and every time she sees me she runs up and grabs my hand and pulls me around with her. I just don't know what to do. He knows that I don't think of him different for having a child at such a young age. Him and I are like the same we like the same things and have the same goals and dreams. I would like everyone to answer this very honestly. If you have experienced this please tell me if it worked or if it didn't and why.

  • No don't do it, It is not a good Idea
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  • You won't know until you try.
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  • Ya go ahead with it, if it is true love you don't want to lose it.
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  • I'd say hold off for this. This guy has other responsibilities besides you and that are probably more important such as kid. Will you be happy when he'll be spending time with his kid and the mother of the child? Remember, that even though they weren't in a relationship, they are still close to each other, because the kid is uniting them. You are way too young, darling. The question here is, will you be happy? I'd say a lot of females end up disappointed when situation like this happens. I know from the experience from my aunt. The guy was older than her 10 years and he had 3 kids with another woman. He almost developed her a mental illiness. But I won't go into this deeper. Just that she's on a breaking edge now.

    Most women/girls let the emotions control their head, just because you love him and he might love you too, doesn't mean it will end up like a fairy tale. Take out all the emotions out of the situation and think rationally, you'll understand the problems that might arise will leave you upset and unhappy. You either have to understand and deal with his possessive ex or move on to another guy. Do you think you'll be able to handle her emotionally and mentally? I give a bet she'll be running into him and trying to break the relationship between you two. If you can overcome the storms, that's great, if not, move on now and find someone who's not in such stage of his life.


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  • Maybe no firm answer here, but be VERy careful here. The effective age difference is a lot more given the difference in life experiences, so you should make sure you're ready to date someone that much more 'advanced' in their life.

  • nothing wrong with dating. however anything serious, I would hold off till after college. Sadly I haven't experienced this, but best of luck to you :D

    • Ya I will wait tell after college. thanks I will need the good luck

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  • it is not a good idea, its complicated. but it depends on the guy, and depends on the relationship he has with his ex. if its all amicable, and she has the kid a lot of the time, no problem. if you are the personality type that doesn't get so jealous and won't mind that its someone else's kid, a relic of a past relationship, that will have to come first sometimes, then again, go for it.

    depends a lot on the individual situation.

    • Yeah they absolutly hate each other that is the sad thing see I have been with this guy since the beginning, his ex was jealous of me. Every time he would call me I would always hear her in the background asking who are you talking to then when he would be with me she would call him non stop. It was crazy. They weren't in a realationship or anything they just lived together for the child. Now she has moved out and they swap weeks and weekends with their child. I just am so lost.

    • Well, you also need to consider... Why does she hate him so much? What happened? Consider even asking her if you ever get the chance.

      The fact it is not amicable makes it all a bit more complicated, and I would be much more inclined to say no. Because you are a young girl, you can get someone with out all the baggage.

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