Keep trying? Or is this just not going to go anywhere?

So this girl and I were friends (who happened to drunkenly make out right before she left overseas). Since she came back 3 weeks ago we've been hanging out to see where things go. We've gotten dinner 3 times, went to a museum exhibit, she's come to watch my intermural soccer games and we've hit the bars twice.

We walk arm in arm constantly, kiss whenever there aren't people around and she's entirely comfortable with me spending the night and getting up to second base. I don't want to go beyond that til we're official and she seemed perfectly content with where we're at, cuddling up against me.

Problem is after the second night of this she asked me 'we're still just friends right?'. Neither of us had ever been in a relationship but she had mentioned a week ago that even though she's a bit afraid she admits she sees people happily in them all the time and that perhaps she's missing out.

I told her right now we're still friends yes, it could go a couple different ways but we're still just friends as of right now. I don't know if I should expect to ever be anything more with this girl now though...

Keep trying to see if this goes anywhere? Or am I just doomed?


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  • She seems to have relationship insecurity. I recommend you figure out what that's all about before making a move. Make her realize she has nothing to lose and everything to gain from becoming your girlfriend. Ask here why she doesn't want to date you. Make it sound like it's about you, not her, who has the security issues.

  • You both seem to enjoy one another's company. I suggest just straight up talking about it. Ask her what she thinks you guys are and what she wants to be and also tell her what you want to be.


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