She pushed you away but didn't want you to delete her number

So long story short. This girl took my virginity last summer. I really like her. She then pushed me away because she wants to be single. Aka, sleep around if she wants to. So. Months later, in like November she messaged me on Facebook. At the end of our convo I said I had lost her number, a second time. She then got mad. She eventually did text me.

Fast forward to the other day. It has been a couple months since we last texted. So I texted her for some reason. Eventually I asked why she had got mad when I lost her number. "Because I thought you deleted me." What? You pushed me away... What do you all make of that?


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  • She wants to string you along. Basically she's expecting that she can do what she wants, but keep you on a long leash in the background, also known as the back burner. When she thought you deleted her number, she was assuming you were moving on and not going to play her game, which pissed her off.

    Delete her number, she's only going to waste your time. Any happy times you have with her are going to be sandwiched between long periods of disappointment and drama.

    • Yea dude, I do think you are pretty much spot on. Too bad I actually do like her.

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