Will he call/text back after I give him my number?

I've recently been going to the only shoe store in our mall and there's this boy that works there and he always flirts with me well I was in with my mom buying shoes and we got on the story of febreeze and how that's his quote cologne so the last night I go in their with my shoebox and inside is febreeze and my number and he sees me and waves to my mom and I and he goes you decide you don't like them I go no I like them there's just something wrong with them and he goes well what's wrong I go look and hand him the box and he opens the box and is blushing smiling saying that's awesome thank you gives me a high five and customers came in so I start walk away saying ill let you get back to work and he laughs and goes alright...so is this a good sign..do you think he will call/text?


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  • I think so what guy wouldn't, unless ofcourse he has a girlfriend but you never know, it seems like he will.