If she doesn't return my call, should I call her again the same day or tomorrow?

I met her last night. I want to see her again. Yet at the same time I don't wanna call her over and over again to look clingy and desperate. I called her this afternoon and left a voice message; she hasn't yet returned my call. The day isn't over yet. I'm thinking about calling her real soon (or texting if she doesn't pick up).

Should I wait until tomorrow? I'm thinking it would be nice to set up a place to meet up.

By the way: We made out and fooled around last night. She sounded like she wanted to see me again.


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  • One things everyone needs to get is not everyone is going to be as into you and you are to them. Maybe your head over heels with this girl but maybe the feelings aren't mutual. I know if I met a guy I was enthralled with I would call back if I missed his call. On that note the only thing worse than having a guy you're not interested call you to hang out is a guy who you're not interested calling repeatedly and texting and just not getting the hint. So if you get a feeling she's not into you she probably isn't and calling over and over will just push her further away.

    Save you're dignity. Don't call her back tonight and if she doesn't return your phone call by tomorrow night. Forget about it. We're girls. We're always on the look out for great guys. We don't just let guys we like and who like us back to slip through our fingers because we don't want to call them back.

    If we like them we'll call them back.

  • if she didn't pick up and doesn't call you back wait AT LEAST 3 DAYS to call her back. I've had a guy call me everyday nd it was always bad timing, but after a while I got irritated. let the girl come to you. if she's interested she will find a way/reason to talk to you or see you.


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