He Set Up A Date With Me This Coming Friday, But He Still Hasn't Been Calling

I gave this guy my number in December. He hadn't texted or called me. Then, this month he sent me a message on Facebook, apologizing for not calling..and he asked if we could have dinner next week. I asked if he still had my number and he texted. He texted me saying "From time to time." and asked if Friday was good. I said it was. He hadn't set a time so I had to ask. He asked me if 7 was good for me. But, he still hasn't called me? Is he nervous? Why would a guy want to go on a date with a girl, but not call her, or barely text her? Everyone is telling me not to freak out..and I'm trying. But the anticipation is killing me. And I thought most guys that were interested liked texting or calling girls. If he's not a big texter, I understand..but I think he could at least call me once before our date. =\


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  • True you alright he should be blowing up your phone with texts or even a phone call here and their. Try not to get worried yet. I hope he doesn't stand you up and that he holds up to what he said. Give it time. I think it's weird that he messaged yo ua month later on Facebook to hang out. Maybe he is shy and nervous. Not lal guys like to text a lot or talk on the phone alot. Each guy is different.

    • I mean.. I understand if a guy doesn't like texting. Most people that are wild about it are in high school. He's 35. I'm trying not to worry. And, I hope he doesn't either. I've been worried about that too. I thought it was kinda weird too. I mean, you think he would've CALLED and apologized instead of going on Facebook when he has my number. But, I hope he's just nervous.

    • True most people are wild about texting. :) Some people are not. Maybe he wrote you on facebok to see if he still had a chance with you. He probably was scared to text you since it was a long gap in time. I hope he is just nervoues as well. And I hope he really makes it up to you on this date. That is good that you are giving him a chance even though what happened. Try not to be to nervous. He seems very shy. Things will work out. Let me know what happens on the date.

    • That would make since. Hopefully he'll make it up to me. I'm trying my very best not to be. And, thank you. This made me feel better. I really hope it does work out. I'll keep ya updated! :)

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