Waiting for the txt..

Dot you hate when you text someone you like and have to endure the agony of awaiting their reply - and that's if they ever do? I'm in this situation right now and just wanna hear from the people who share my pain.


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  • Oh damn.. you just read my mind.

    It's just annoying beyond words! Especially if you're interested in the person.

    I used to suffer this according to a full program some years ago, but right now I've come to a state when I just don't give a f*** about it too much. "Hardening of the skin" one might say.

    And that's also the reason why I don't rely too much on texting - I always prefer to make a phone call.

    Why people do it there are only 2 options:

    -friends-only case: they're lazy or oblivious or distracted or all of them

    -romantic interest case: they're playing hot-and-cold or not wanting to look too "desperate"

    But the reason doesn't matter, this is very rude thing to do in any case, if you're about to disappear - just say it!

    OK - I'll admit, sometimes I also abruptly disappear from chats but at least I try to say when I leave or apologize about it later.

    If it happens only few cases(few as less than three) then it's not too bad and perfectly forgivable, but if it's been 3 or more times then you must back-off from that person either partially or completely.


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  • Lol yeah it can be a bit annoying if you are really really into them. Can't remember the last time it happened to me though, I'm usually really busy and don't think about stuff too much. Also I'm reading the works of Plato and they occupy my thoughts pretty well while I'm waiting for the text :p

  • I try not to give a damn about it. If someone's rude enough not to reply my message then they don't deserve my attention either.

  • humph.

    I don't really think about my phone to much...I just get so caught up in what I'm doing.

    Funny. I should probably check it more often, when I get back to it there are usually messages to the affect. "Where are you?!", "Why aren't you responding back?" "Did I do something wrong?" from different women.

    Keep your panties on.

    I'm busy.

    I'll get back to you.

    It's alright!

    Jesus...It doesn't stop!


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  • I hate it :/

  • yes. it's nerve wrecking